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In a few weeks you and your partner will undergo one of the greatest changes in your lives as you become parents. Now is the time to embrace a team mentality! How can you best prepare in these last few weeks?

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How to Prepare for a New Baby: Newborn Baby Essentials

Whether you're a first-time mom or this is your second (or third or fourth!) child, watch one mom's tips to make the homecoming smooth and comfy for everyone.

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The power of toddler play

Play comes in many different forms, from building towers out of blocks or feeding a favourite stuffed animal to simply racing around the garden for hours. Trying out different ways to play can help your toddler

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Bedtime routine: 10 to 12 months

For older babies, a good bedtime routine is essential to healthy growth. Consistency is important, such as bath - bottle - story - bed every night. If your child still won't settle, try varying the activities

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Out and about with your child. All about parenting advice, child care, working mom

Your little one still has lots to figure out about the world and the people in it. One thing that's pretty much settled, though, are Mummy's and Daddy's roles: Mummy is simply Mummy, and Daddy is Daddy. But now

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End of year review - you've come a long way, Baby!

In the past twelve months, your baby has undergone an amazing amount of growth and development, trebled their body weight, started to talk, learned to move around, and taken huge strides socially too. So what's

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How to care for baby soft skin

Keeping your baby clean and dry is the best way to protect a newborn's skin. The nappy area is particularly vulnerable to infection and rashes, so it's vital to be extra vigilant when changing your little one.

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How to Soothe Your Baby's Colic

If your little one doesn't seem to respond to any of your soothing techniques, he might have colic. But don't worry! Read on for tips to help calm your baby and hopefully get some quiet in the house!

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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

We want to continue making better, more effective products that offer our best dryness while reducing their environmental impact.

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