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How do I know if my 14-month-old baby's rash is a heat rash?

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How do you know when a rash is a heat rash? What do you do to treat the rash? My 14-month-old baby's rash is around her neck and consists of little red bumps.


What is a heat rash? If you want to know the answer to the question “What is a heat rash?”, you should read the following article. Heat rashes are one of the most common rashes in infants and toddlers. They start when something obstructs the openings of sweat glands on the skin, perhaps excessive clothing or because the baby has been lying in one position for a prolonged period. It is common in infants and toddlers. Rash treatment is quite simple. Heat rash is common during the summer months because of overheating, but also appears during the cooler autumn or winter months, usually because of overdressing. The rash shows up as tiny little red spots and bumps on skin of toddlers, and is most common on the chest, abdomen, back, neck and upper arms. Rash treatment is fairly uncomplicated as heat rash usually disappears on its own in a day or two. Cool baths may be helpful aspect of rash treatment, and avoidance strategies are important: avoid "over-swaddling" (dressing your baby in too many layers of clothing) and keep the ambient temperature at a comfortable level. Rashes that look similar to heat rash include viral or fungal skin infections and drug reaction rashes. Your baby's doctor can help to distinguish between these if there is any question. Your GP will also answer your question: “What is a heat rash?”
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