Pampers Baby-Dry

The driest diaper up to 2x drier*
Pampers Baby-Dry
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Are you ready for a revolution in diapers? New Pampers Baby-Dry is the first and only diaper with 3 absorbing channels* that helps distribute wetness evenly through the diaper so it does not sag and stays dry. Now your baby will sleep soundly for up to 12 hours and will wake up happy, comfortable and dry! Nothing will stand in the way of your morning cuddles! So, get ready for cuddle attacks!

*in comparison with the same tier competitive diapers

**already available in Pampers Premium Care

3 Absorbing Channels

Even distribution for trusted dryness and less wet bulk

Anti-Leakage Barriers

Great fit to help prevent leaks

Absorbent Micro-pearls

Lock away the wetness


Instantly absorbs wetness away from skin

Baby Lotion

Helps to protect baby's skin from rashes

Stretchy Sides

Soft and stretchy sides adapt to the baby moves for a comfortable fit

Pampers Baby Dry

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Easy To Change*

Keeps Baby Dry*

Protects Baby Skin*


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August 17, 2017
Easy To Change
Keeps Baby Dry
Protects Baby Skin