Non Pome

DIAPERS Pampers® Premium

Our best Comfort & Protection

Keeps your baby dry through the night

3 Absorbing Channels

3 Absorbing Channels distribute wetness evenly and lock it better, using the full diaper from front to back, for up to 12 hours of dryness

Dual Acquisition Layer

Enables faster absorption for your baby’s skin to stay dry

Our best protection for baby skin

Absorb-Away Layer

Feels silky soft while pulling wetness and runny mess away from baby’s skin

Baby Lotion

Helps to protect baby’s skin from rashes and irritation

Wraps your baby in our best comfort

Silky Softness

Gently wraps your baby in silky soft materials

Soft & Stretchy sides

All around soft and stretchy sides for a comfortable fit

Wetness Indicator

Turns blue when your baby might need a change

Pampers® Premium Protection

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